VTEX is  a cloud commerce platform for your evolving needs, that codeby already worked for more than 7 years.

VTEX Solutions:

  • B2C Commerce: Drive conversion and offer an outstanding customer experience, even in complex scenarios, with an API first, modern cloud infrastructure.
  • B2B Commerce: Fully manage your account according to your organizational structure, assign rights to your B2B buyers, and set up credit control.
  • Omnichannel: Allow your customers to buy, fulfill, and return goods in multiple channels through a smart and integrated order management system.
  • MarketPlace: Create your digital marketplace, integrate third-party sellers or VTEX stores with the click of a button, and offer millions of products


Why VTEX is the best for your operation?

  1. + 54 increase conversion rate
  2. + 7% increase AOV
  3. + 25% increase approved orders
  4. - 70% faster time to market
  5. + 30% organic traffic increase
  6. + 37% landing page to checkout

You can checkout some realeases of Codeby inside ecomfy