You'll want to check out Mini Co.'s website and take each of the collectibles home

If you like pop culture you should probably have some kind of collection, be it comics, movies, books or miniatures.

If you collect at least one type of these items, you'll love to know a little bit about Mini Co. a company that brings to the market high-quality mini collectibles with the world's most beloved movie franchise, TV series, and comic book items.

The pieces are beautiful and with a unique style, Marcio Hum who does the arts of miniatures, bringing a special touch to each character. The company follows the concept and 100% national pre-production of Iron Studios and is run by Chiaroscuro Studios (one of the main comic agencies in the world). The sum of the work of all these names is pieced with their own style, realistic and high quality.

The idea came from entrepreneurs Thomes Elkrief and Renan Pizzi, and the company already has forecast for more than 50 models in the launch in the coming months.

Codeby has done more with this project, creating and making possible the company's first website. We use the  Shopify platform to make everything simpler at the time of administering the site. That is because, the platform is simple and intuitive, with several functionalities available to the user to feel more comfortable to make changes in the own site.

The designer was thought to bring attention to the products and their peculiarities, was used prominence of some products and even categories that separate by the franchise, so it is much easier to find what one is looking for.

Did you like the project? Access the site and see how it was:

This was another project conducted by Codeby, if you were curious to meet others like this, just go to and learn more about our work.

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