See what happened at VTEX Training Day [BRA]

This Thursday was the Vtex Training, a day of training of the main novelties of VTEX. It was a day of immersion in technology, business, sales and all the tools needed to get the best results in digital business.

There were several talks with subjects in various areas of knowledge such as e-commerce manager, developers, solution architect, and sales. And our team arrived early to take advantage of every content and discussion raised to always be up to date on what's new on the platform.

The Event had a common area where people could talk and exchange experiences, a great environment for networking. There were 4 auditoriums for lectures that were divided by areas of knowledge, of which I will speak next.

In the environment of E-commerce manager, the subject matter was to optimize operations, to analyze metrics of success and improvement of performance.

Seven lectures were scheduled with professionals such as Adriana Caldeira, Thomas Low Beer, Marcelo Couto, and many others.

The topics covered ranged from key metrics to KPIs, logistics and operational solutions, and of course, the possibilities that the VTEX platform provides.

Our team was very interested in the Developers room where you could check hands-on app development in VTEX IO, a new serverless development environment that allows you to create apps for VTEX stores without dealing with infrastructure issues and scalability. (Know more)

We are also aware that the platform is investing in a new distribution channel, the VTEX App Store, which promises to reduce costs, automate processes and improve online business performance through applications created by developers worldwide.

In addition, some instructions for using and programming on StoreFront were given, and DreamStore, the new VTEX template, was also introduced. Afonso Praça showed you some things you need to know about VTEX Admin Extension Apps and even talked about Apps for System Integrations.

With the themes of Solution architect, subjects were dealt with complex project management, the architecture of success cases and best practices for implementation of stores.

Topics covered ranged from marketplace functionalities, use of OMS VTEX to the omnichannel operation, and several tips to optimize store performance using VTEX products in physical stores.

With several issues addressing successful cases, competitive differentials, hacks in the sales process. The space for the talk about Sales addressed competitive differentials for b2c and b2b businesses. In addition, it counted on concepts of access to the international markets through Cross-Border and many tips on sales channels.

These were some of the topics covered in this event. Our team came back with a lot of learning and taking advantage of the potential of the VTEX platform. It was a really cool event and you check out some photos below:


Well cool, you know more about the event by clicking here. What did you think of the event? What business interests you the most? Tell me in the comments.

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