Tips for photographing the products of your virtual store

On the internet, the quality of the image counts a lot mainly at the time of purchase. This is because the image is the first and only contact that the customer will have a product before receiving it in your home.

If the photos on your site are dark, blurred, without concern for the scenery or exposure of the product. Hardly a potential customer will trust your brand and buy that product on your site.

Good photos showing various angles of the product, make the customer feel more confident in making the purchase and still arouse the desire to buy.

The photos of your product are as important as the layout of your site, so it's worth investing in the quality of the photos.

In this matter we will give some tips to have attractive photos for your site:

Do not use filters

Filters are cool .. For social networks, not for photos of your products. Photos may look beautiful, but they may give the wrong impression to the customer, such as causing distrust of the origin or characteristics of the product.

Show more

Think like your customer, he probably wants to see every detail of the product so, show it to him. Capriche at the angles, show the product, show details that differentiate it from the others.

If the product has color variations, do not think twice before showing this in an image to your customer. That description of "we also have the colors x and x" only serves as an information and sometimes showing these colors in an image is paramount to the purchase decision (after all there are many shades of blue)

Choose Background

One of the most used techniques for photographing products is the infinite background, which is nothing more than a type of photo that holds the horizon with a white or black vision and gives a more pleasant sensation.
The technique also serves to highlight the product avoiding mainly distractions in the image attracting attention directly to the main.

Showcase your product's interactivity

Again, it is important to think like the customer, so if your product is difficult to assimilate, or have a different size, it is advisable to use the notion of scale.

This technique is to use other objects nearby to give the idea of ​​the size of the main product or to help relate it to real life.

If the products that your brand works are clothing and accessories, it is a good idea to humanize the images by putting people wearing the pieces so the customer has the maximum contact with the product. It's also a good opportunity to show which audience you want to reach by increasing your customer ID.


Lighting is the most basic and important rule when it comes to photos. So worry about the light sources in the environment when shooting.
Natural light is recommended whenever possible, so if you choose to take pictures indoors, you may want to stay close to windows and ensure the quality of your photos is good.
If you do not have a natural light source, ideally have at least two white light sources to illuminate the product to avoid thick shadows (those that are marked on the product giving the impression of amateurism).

Edit is important

The final step to completing all your photos before they stop at your site is to go through a good image treatment.
This stage the company can outsource or opt for "do it yourself" that is already possible thanks to the numerous tutorials and classes from a wide variety of publishers.
Be sure to do this step because the editing is that it will adjust lighting, colors, eliminate unwanted shadows, adjust the size and other little things that will make your image look brand-new.
The important thing here is to make the photos as attractive as possible for your client, guaranteeing the sale.

Smartphone or Camera?

Nowadays Smartphone models exist that count on powerful cameras and this facilitates much the life of those who need to photograph all the time. But the cameras of the devices still produce inferior photos of photographic equipment.

There are DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras that may not be the cheapest but have an arsenal of features and guaranteed quality for your photos.

And these are some basic tips to make your showcase even more charming. With quality photos, the chances of conversion of your site increase considerably, because it makes your site much more attractive besides taking more details of the product and gives more confidence to the client.

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