Technology trends for 2019

Like every end of the year, a technology company has to prepare and study what technology trends are likely to happen the next year to understand which paths to follow in the growth strategy.

We at Codeby did a very thorough analysis to see the technologies that will dominate the market in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the basis of all innovations, which is why it continues to be a technological trend, both for developers and technology maintainers, the trend is that it only grows.

Recently I saw a very interesting job of programming automation with the help of AI, so you wonder if you will lose your job with the growth of AI?

The professions are not in danger of ending, people only need to renew themselves to deal with the new opportunities that will appear.

Automation of things

The concept of automation of things is very generic but very interesting.

He is consistent in automating everything that is possible, knows those boring tasks you had to do and nowadays no longer exist, such as driving, washing clothes, dishes, ordering food, asking for a taxi, and so on. start of the era of automation.

Technology that will be used to automate everything AI, IOT, Web.

The source of this concept was the Gartner.

Augmented Analytics

For some time now I have been commenting on the importance of using the data to give direction in the business.

Today the amount of data is absurd, we have so much data in so many places that it is very easy to get lost, at the same time we already have several tools that work with the data and facilitates the analysis.

When we talk about any analytics solution we have to think of 2 types of solutions for few data and for a large amount of data (Big Data).

The intention is that in Augmented Analytics with the use of artificial intelligence and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) prepare the data to simplify the presentation of the same data.

Imagine that the hard work, of collecting the data, separating correct data from incorrect and data processing all done automatically, different not? How many nights we did not lose doing all this. (Automation of things is in this too).

Technologies that will be used for this Big Data, Machine Learning, AI Algorithms, Technologies for collections and many others.

At Codeby we have an embryo working with Augmented Analytics for E-commerce is being a nice but fun challenge.

Immersive Experience

In the year that you passed, we saw a lot of cool stuff, a lot of news with VR / AR / MR.

Just to refresh yourself in the head:

VR - (Virtual Reality) These are the glasses that take you to virtual reality.

AR - You can use virtual elements in real environments, for those who have not used this technology play Pokemon Go is a great way to try.

MR - It's the mix of the two technologies, where you use virtual objects in real environments, if you could be in a real environment using virtual objects.

The junction of all these technologies forms the immersive experience, it seems film thing, but imagine you use a notebook without having one? Or go to the office without leaving home? Or do you imagine that you have no movement in your body and you can run again? This technology will solve various problems and bring others as a consequence.

Source Gartner

Block Chain

For many known only with cryptocurrencies, they are systems that run via peer to peer network, ie 1 computer connected to the other running a task pertaining to the same system.

The Blockchain will continue to grow in 2019, with a number of very good initiatives that will change the world, some examples being the air control done by a project in Block, another good thing is the tracking of government bonds, but for me one of the best uses of the blockchain is in health, a case that I recommend reading: 5 cases that use the Block Chain in the health area.

Smart Places

A concept that uses IOT to make people's lives better, how many times have you been in a queue, that all you needed was for someone to call a new box? Or a street that always has a flood, a sensor that warned when to clean the culverts, even drones that would help the police to identify the route of militants to avoid major consequences.

All these examples are already possible today, we have IA, IOT, Big data everything to do these automatons that are expected to happen in 2019

Source Gartner


Based on these techs, I believe that 2019 will be a very disruptive year with several new areas to develop and grow our business!

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