Small Task with project commitment. Get to know Hibiro!

You who have a website, blog, e-commerce or something online, may have come across some adjustments at inconvenient times or that you could not solve by yourself because you did not have the necessary knowledge. It was in one of those situations that we at Codeby saw that this could be an opportunity to help our customers even more.


How did the idea come about?

One afternoon we received a series of requests for adjustments from a client, where he asked for simple tasks that did not necessarily need a different service or to deeply understand what was being asked for. They were simple, but for a normal quote, they would outweigh what they really ought to be and the customer would get hurt.

That's when we thought: Why not make a platform where these customers could request small tasks for a fair price and that did not involve the bureaucracy of a complete project ?! And so Hibiro was born.


Why use Hibiro?

Often there are cases of developers not delivering what has been agreed upon and the client ends up being harmed.

Hibiro besides being cheaper, practical and reliable, in a few clicks your task begins to be executed by one of our developers with a specific time and guaranteed delivery.

It is much cheaper because your task is charged individually, more practical because all the service is performed on the platform itself and much more reliable because you will always be notified about the status of your task and we give the delivery guarantee on time.


Who can use it?

Hibiro was designed to serve a diverse audience, so any person or company that has a website, blog, e-commerce or anything else that runs the internet can request a task on the platform and one of our developers will run it.


What kind of tasks?

In Hibiro we work with small tasks, those that are simple and do not necessarily need a high amount of time.

You can request from the exchange of banners, configuration of a new area of the site, change of shop windows, change of texts within the site until a change in Wix. Any kind of changes that need to be made you can request by Hibiro.


How does it work?

The platform is very simple, in a few click, you can get a Login account with your data and then you are redirected to buy your credits that are equivalent to a task.

Once your credit is approved, you can already create a task and it will come in for analysis and here are two possibilities: to be approved, or not to be approved. If it happens not to be approved is because the task is not so simple and needs a longer time. But do not worry because we have trusted partners to tell you.

When approved, your task is forwarded to one of the team's developers, and in a few minutes, you will have an answer to your task.

And if you are still not convinced to ask for your task, here are some reasons:

  • Our team is composed of certified professionals.
  • We are totally concerned with delivering quality results.
  • We are concerned about the term, so we work to meet within it.
  • We invest heavily in testing so we can maintain high quality in our deliveries.
  • Security is extremely important so we invest in tools so our customers stay safe on our platform.


    Hibiro was created to help with small tasks, delivering quality results and charging a fair price. We at Codeby pride ourselves on being always looking for innovation and creating features that make life easier for our customers.

    So are you going to stay out? Enjoy that at our inauguration, your first task leaves on our account!

    Go to and guarantee your tasks!

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