Is it worth to choose the Shopify platform?

The e-commerce market has proven very promising in Brazil. In contrast to the economic instabilities that trade has been suffering in recent years, virtual stores have grown by 12% in 2017. The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) expects to grow by 15% in 2018.

That means having a virtual store is a business opportunity that can work very well. But to get a ride on the success of virtual windows, you'll need to do good administration and take some essential care, such as choosing the right platform, managing tools, and business strategies.

The main care would be in choosing the structure of your shopping site. Thinking about it, we made this article where we compare and show the advantages of choosing the Shopify platform.

Want to learn more about it and know how to start your business on the right foot? So come with us!

What is Shopify platform?

It is a standalone system for creating a virtual store. It can be managed by beginners and is well-regarded in the e-commerce market for its integration and customization capabilities.

Other platforms

Other platforms are also widely used to sell over the internet. A good example is WordPress, one of the best known. Not only for e-commerce, but the platform is also widely used for blogs and any other types of websites.

However, although popular, it was not developed exclusively for virtual stores, such as Shopify. In order for this feature to be enabled, you must install the WooComerce application, which will add to your site the features for managing the display of products in the store.

WordPress has a variety of themes, though you certainly need to have an experienced programmer for customization as well as the options offered by the adaptation panel. That's because the available layouts may have some limitations to the best layout of your showcase if you market many products, for example.

Other platforms developed directly for e-commerces, such as Boxloja and Loja Integrada have adequate layouts, but with certain limitations such as the smallest variety of available themes, integrations, and functionalities.

Why use the Shopify platform?

As we promised at the beginning of this article, let's talk about the advantages of choosing the Shopify platform. So we relate some that put it ahead of the others. See what they are.

Simple to use

The Shopify platform has a simple dashboard that allows even beginners to make the basic settings to put the store in the air.

In addition, because it is an autonomous platform, that is, it is not integrated with another, it does not require the installation of additional resources, essential for its operation. Just sign up for a login and start managing your inventory, sales and product display on the site.

Variety of themes

We know that WordPress has a wide variety of themes and that the code is open, enabling customization. However, the Shopify platform has several themes thought exclusively of the needs of e-commerce.

For this reason, it is easier to opt for a suitable layout, to behave well your window, with good usability and navigation and that is the face of your business. All of this will help your store perform better in sales.

Good features

When we say that the Shopify platform is complete, we want to say that it has a variety of features. We can cite, first, the ability to manage orders and respond to customers through your iOS or Android phone.

Other features also need to be highlighted, such as the key features that make your site efficient for digital marketing. Then you can easily create landing pages for strategic email campaigns, social networks or Adwords.

Plus, it has friendly code for your site to perform well in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Other features such as duplicate content tracking and other tools also help you to manage your good positioning on Google pages.

We can also cite the robust database that is generated by Shopify, which allows you to work even better with your customers and good integration with email marketing, social networks, and blog for the site.


In addition to the full range of free and ready layouts, you can choose to purchase a fully customized one. That way, the chances of you reaching the ideal model for your business are expanded.


In addition to the Shopify community forum and the possibility to contact by email, you can also call the support team by phone. This support is made up of engineers who provide support and offer tips for the best use of the platform.


Your site can be integrated with MailChimp, one of the world's largest e-mail and automation marketing tools. But, the Shopify platform allows us to integrate with several other applications that extend the functionality.

  • Privy and, for marketing;
  • Sales Pop, for sales and promotions;
  • Instagram Shop and Outfly for integration for sales in social networks;
  • After Ship and Easy ship for shipment management;
  • Suffice and Quickbooks, to assist in accounting;
  • Compass and Better Reports for reporting;
  • Facebook Chat and Easy Contact Form, for customer relationship, among others.

    How to implement

    As we said at the beginning of this article, getting started with Shopify is very simple. Just log in to the platform and start the settings. However, even if it sounds like something extremely basic, you need the support of a programming professional and someone who is within the main trends of e-commerce as well as digital marketing.

    This is because this person will help you choose and customize your layout and create a beautiful design thinking about responsiveness, search engine friendliness, and best usability. So you can always provide the best experience. These are fundamental requirements for the purchase decision of the user and also so that he can be loyal to his store.

    We can conclude that despite the continued growth of e-commerce for commerce, we must be alert to the best practices in order to be competitive in this huge market. So opting for the Shopify platform is the first step forward to leverage your e-commerce.

    So, to ensure that your e-store implementation is flawless and that you get amazing results, even at the outset, contact us! We have the competence to help you start the start of your online store.

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