Learn how to use remarketing to optimize e-commerce sales

With the advancement of the internet, many stores have seen remarketing as a great boon to boost sales. To stay relevant in the face of competition, e-commerce must learn how to use remarketing, for example, to attract customers to your store.

This tool seeks to call consumers who have passed through their platform at some point with a different approach. The tool proves to be very efficient to increase the number of sales.

Want to know more about how the process can help your e-commerce? See our article below!

Understand what it is

Basically, remarketing is a tool that allows you to win back a user who has spent some time through your e-commerce, but for various reasons did not complete the purchase.

According to surveys, more than 70% of users abandon the product in the shopping cart, some cases by the decision of the consumer to buy the merchandise at another opportunity.

Remarketing is meant to remind your consumer to come back to the site to actually complete the purchase.

By using ads on websites and social networks, visitors can rediscover the product they left in the shopping cart.

See how it works

We have seen that the strategy shows the merchandise to the user through ads. But how does the social network know that the consumer has shown an interest in the product?

When a person enters your site, a cookie is automatically generated on their machine. The file stores some information such as login data, visited pages and IP address, for example.

Based on this information, when the customer exits the site without finalizing the request, the cookie sends the products that he has shown interest in sites and social networks contracted to do his remarketing.

In this way, these platforms know which products interested the person and, through disclosures, the customer has the opportunity to return to the purchase.

The file remains active on the user's machine until it is deleted or until the expiration date expires.

Learn the tools to get started

To learn how to use remarketing, it's important to master some tools that help you create paid ads to win back potential customers. Know a few below.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords can be used for both the display network where your merchandise will be visible on partner sites and the search network where the ad will appear when your customer searches the product on Google.

While the first is more effective when the person visits sites with themes related to their segment, the second exposes the advertisement when the user decides to do a new search.

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