Learn how chatbots can help your e-commerce sell more

Serving customers well is a premise of any business, whether physical or e-commerce. However, in virtual stores, contact by traditional means - phones or email - can often be delayed and not be as efficient as the internet requires. For this, a solution to improve customer service is to adopt the use of chatbots in e-commerce.

But, do you know what chatbots are and why are they trend in the digital marketplace? The answer to these questions is in today's article. In it we will explain what these tools are, how to use them in e-commerce and especially what its benefits. Check out!

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are types of software that has the function of simulating an actual attendant through messages. Basically, they talk to people inside their platform, just as they would if they were a real person.

This system, although often compared to the performance of a robot, due to its automation, has the differential of providing friendly service, which increases the convenience of the service, reduces time and even improves the user experience.

How to use chatbots in e-commerce?

Imagine that the customer made a purchase or has a question about a specific product and needs to contact the store. By traditional methods, he may come across a page where he fills out a form with his data, writes the message and waits for the company to contact. This communication format between the two parties can take days and even make you miss the sale!

Thus, chatbots are interesting options within e-commerce, since they can facilitate this intermediate, using the communication platforms already adopted by the client, such as Messenger (Facebook), Whatsapp and Telegram. This also avoids the need to install new applications that can be discarded after the problem is solved.

In general, we can say that there are two types of chatbots: those based on fixed rules and others, whose basis is artificial intelligence.

The fixed rule-based system is able to identify user-specified keywords and directs their demand to specific content. This is clear if we think that within a company there may be doubts that are more common and frequent. The system also facilitates the communication strategy and further streamlines the process of solving doubts.

While the chatbots system has the help of artificial intelligence, the software was developed to interpret phrases, which can be both written and spoken by the client and, from there, create answers and solve the problems. This type of system allows the robot to learn with each question solved and, with the passage of time, becomes more independent and able to better serve the public.

This type of service is a trend in every virtual market and in some cases, it can solve up to 90% of customer contact events. However, they do not (and should not) replace human labor altogether. In several situations, talking directly to the customer is necessary to better understand the problem and propose solutions.

What are the benefits to your online store?

Now that you already know what they are and how to use the chatbots in e-commerce, how about understanding what are the benefits of using it? Find out below some of the key advantages of the system.

Reduction of waiting time

For most companies, meeting a very large number of people at the same time is a big challenge and is not always possible. This results in a queue for both talking on the phone and chatting. In addition to unpleasant, this type of service brings financial losses to the business since it requires recruiting a lot of staff and spending on time of service.

As a solution, automatic chats perform well in solving customer problems more quickly, redirecting only the most specific questions to the clerk. In addition, service software runs 24 hours a day, reducing waiting time and financial expense.

Greater convenience

Chatbots have the advantage of being more practical and comfortable than other forms of service and can be used on mobile devices that are always within reach.

Personalized service

Chatbots have the ability to process large numbers of information. They capture and manage user behavior information such as name, past purchases, and interests in order to offer specific services to the person and still make the service more personalized.

This mechanism ensures greater satisfaction, which increases the chances of purchase and still offers solutions geared to your needs in a short period of time.

Improvement in experience

When the virtual business is focused on the user, one of the most significant measures is the type of experience offered. Thus e-commerce chatbots offer interesting alternatives since no one wants to waste time spending hours searching for a product or waiting to speak to the clerk on the phone.

In other words, besides the economy, chatbots are important tools capable of improving the user experience.Automatização das vendas e cobranças

Com a integração dos chatbots nas plataformas de comunicação, é possível automatizar as vendas e até mesmo os processos de cobrança.

Desta forma, tais serviços podem ser realizados através do Whatsapp, por exemplo, sem que haja a necessidade de um funcionário coordenar a ação.

Higher sales volume

With all the relevant benefits listed so far, we can say that another great advantage to using this type of software is that it can also increase the conversions of your virtual store due to improved service, speed and customization of the service offered.

With all this, it is normal for the customer to feel more comfortable and confident to make the purchase in his e-commerce.

The use of chatbots in e-commerce is a trend that has come to modernize the way we deal with users and is already used by thousands of companies around the world.

Have you thought about applying this system to your online store? What is your experience? Tell us here in the comments!

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