How much can a bug cost you in your online store? Find out here!

A bug in the webshop can be a problem of gigantic dimensions. System failures have already caused everything from selling products for a fraction of the right amount to canceling a rocket launch.

When it comes to a problem in a large company, a failure causes damage, but in the case of midsize and small businesses, it can even mean business failure. In this post we will look back at some of these historical bug cases that caused major distortions.

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Harm and invasion of privacy

Bugs have already caused a lot of damage to companies. In May 2017, a failure caused by a software update caused Starbucks cash registers in the United States and Canada to shut down for several hours. Stores were required to receive cash only and to distribute free coffee to customers who only had cards.

In turn, GM was forced to recall 4.3 million vehicles. A defect in the airbag system software caused the system to fail to operate properly when the car crashed.

And Walmart went through a similar situation because of a bug in the Brazilian online store. Thousands of Internet users bought computers at a discount of 75.8% over the original price of the product. Instead of charging $ 2,398, the Walmart website charged just $ 580.

The alleged promotion lasted for hours and subsequently the company canceled the sale of the product, generating indignation in consumers.

Many security holes have also allowed user data to be stolen. One of the most famous cases was Yahoo user data theft, which affected 3 billion accounts.

This data corroborates the survey by Austrian company Tricentis, which estimates that the cost of software errors, performance failures and security worldwide cause massive damage to the world economy. The company estimates that this figure reached $ 1.1 trillion in 2016 alone.

Preventing is possible

To prevent such problems, it is virtually impossible to have a team of employees. It would be unfeasible for the team to manage all sectors, transactions and check at all times if there is a bug in the virtual store, for example.

The best option here is to hire services like Testby, which uses robots to do routine testing on users' systems. Once a fault is identified, the system sends an email to the customer informing about the error.

This way, the customer has a chance to solve the problem quickly, preventing system failures from escalating and causing significant damage.

Considering that failures happen constantly, even with large companies, the best option to avoid a bug in the online store is to invest in prevention. Don't expect a system failure to sell a sold-out product or settle below the cost of the product to identify your e-commerce weaknesses. Contact Testby and protect your business.

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