Okay, we're wearing the new Loft747 website!

Have you ever heard of prêt-à-porter fashion? It is a segment of fashion that was born shortly after World War II, when stylist Pierre Cardin had the idea to create a collection of clothing pieces that customers could enter the store, choose a piece and take home with the quality of the high tailoring. With the evolution of the fashion market, this segment became known as "ready to wear".

Loft747 bets on this segment and has been enchanting and wearing women for São Paulo. The Brazilian brand bets on a fresh & cool lifestyle with pieces that bring the latest trends of street style becoming a great option for those who love and understand fashion.

To complete all this clean style, nothing better than a new face on the online platform and Codeby was chosen to change the entire space of the Loft747 and leave with that elegant and fine air that the brand lavishes on its parts.

For the new face was chosen a totally intuitive interface to facilitate at the time of purchase, clean to show all the freshness of the pieces and modern because the fashion is like this. The features have been chosen to not only facilitate navigation but make the shopping experience totally unique, they are:

  • Plugin Wishlist (with a possibility to share by email)
  • "Last 5 pieces" functionality (warns the user about stock limitation)
  • ShopLook (shows a catalog in the lookbook itself)
  • Smart Grid functionality (allows the user to change how many products will be displayed on the screen)
  • Minicart plugin (built in VueJS with stock availability notification and free shipping bar that indicates how much is missing for the customer to win free shipping)
  • Totally redesigned customer area
  • Totally responsive site

    Go to www.loft747.com.br and see how it was every detail!

    For more work done by Codeby go to: http://www.codeby.com.br

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