Why use VTEX as your ecommerce platform?

Find out why using VTEX as a platform for your business

After 7 years working with E-commerce on various platforms, Fellipe Guimarães tells you why vtex uses the platform for your business.

First we have to understand the point at which your business is, before proceeding with this article to VTEX obviously meet any business, but do not want to recommend something very good, so you do not need, if your business invoices less than 150k month, entry platforms, we can use Integrated Store, XTECH, Tray, Cloud shop, if you wish we can leave for a next article, use the comments for this

VTEX comes in the last 3 years standing out as the best e-commerce platform, hired the best professionals in the market, managed to make a beautiful growth, today in 2019 is already a globally stabilized company, brings several super cool concepts every year this year are working with Omnichannel and Cross Border.

Omnichannel in VTEX, simple and easy the process gets simpler, I already participated as a technical consultant in the implementation of a project, and my team only needed to install v6 emails, and change the checkout to v6, inside the operation was quite quiet hired the Sintese Soluções to do all the integration between VTEX and Linx, it was not difficult, it only involved many people including our customers who did an incredible job!

Marketplace in VTEX, with more than 10 integrations already ready, vtex is a platform where your business already starts integrated, is to close the contract and put in the air, simple no? and not only that, VTEX platform integration for VTEX is super fast.

VTEX IO, a major revolution on the platform is the launch of its newCMS (Content Management Services), why it is a major revolution with the goal of lowering the cost of development and increasing the performance of websites with PWA native, the VTEX IO comes to munch, we've already proven and built some apps inside it, and I recommend.

Cross Border was a concept that was widely observed by China, and one of VTEX's gurus (Felipe Dellacqua) is evangelizing the subject of Cross Border, going back to the platform, you can create multiple checkouts, with different currencies within the vtex, making your Cross Border process easier.

VTEX platform, with more than 20 modules to vtex, has everything for your operation, you who have a business today running, I highly recommend the use of the platform, are more than 2,000 large markups using vtex.

This article was done with the aim of showing you why to use VTEX, we will discuss below on the subject, thanks for reading!

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