What is an A / B test and why should you adopt it more often?

Digital marketing has made it possible to create a variety of tools that can map user behavior and leverage online commerce. Thanks to it, we can use the right techniques to reach the ideal consumer at the most opportune moment. One such tool is variable testing, known as A / B. But do you know what is A / B testing?

In today's article, we will explain better what this technique is about, indicate what can be tested, how to perform the test and still present good reasons to adopt it in your e-commerce. Are you ready? Come on!

What is A / B testing?

An A / B test basically consists of presenting two versions of the same variable to users in order to identify which one has the best result. It may be more interaction, greater conversion into leads, greater conversion into customers depending on the goal.

Generally, this type of test is applied when you think of trying something different on the site, but it is still not possible to know if, with the change, the impact will be positive or negative. It is also used when your results are not as satisfactory and you need to investigate the reason.

In these scenarios, A / B tests are good alternatives, since with small changes you can already effectively investigate what works and what does not work on your platform. This is good because it prevents the opinion of a member or team from prevailing over what should actually be modified.

In addition, these tests are relatively simple to do, and there are already tools that automate the entire process.

How can the test be done?

To perform the A / B tests, first of all, you have to keep in mind what are the objectives with the procedure so that the result is corresponding. With the goals set, the idea is to create detailed planning, including which variables will be tested, how responses will be evaluated, and which metrics are most important.

Regarding the performance of the tests, it is very important to be aware of the period of analysis, since depending on the objective and the verified data, it can take from 3 hours (in the case of email marketing) to days (when we talk about a blog post, for example). In addition, the amount of traffic can influence in the period, since the higher, the shorter the test period can be.

It is also critical to evaluate only one variable at a time so that the results are more accurate, and remember that the A / B model requires that the tests be done at the same time. The sending to the two groups must be simultaneous since date and time are also factors that can influence the conclusions.

Any result obtained in the analysis should be taken into account because they may want to say something. It is also worth noting that larger samples tend to present data closer to reality.

What can be tested?

Basically, any element of your digital marketing strategy can be evaluated. Check out the list of the most common:

  • titles and intertitles;
  • CTA (Call to Action);
  • images or videos;
  • description of offers;
  • forms;
  • design elements;
  • URLs;
  • landing pages.

What are the advantages of the A / B test?

Performing A / B tests provide some advantages to the digital marketing strategy. The first is to have the chance to get real feedback from users, allowing the decisions made to be substantiated, reducing the chance of errors. Secondly, because this type of analysis guarantees the possibility of adjustments during the execution of the campaign and, lastly, it generates learning in relation to what promotes better effects with its potential clients

So, did you already know what the A / B test is? This strategy is a great option for those who want to increase conversion, highlight e-commerce and beat the competition.

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