The Future of Systems - Low Cost App's

Low Cost Apps

Nowadays you have millions of platform on the market, offering everything, devs doing expensive services, repetitive jobs being done.

In the end, a low-cost app is a small application that is made to solve a single problem, but that single problem is solved in a way that generates savings for the client.

A good example of the concept of a low-cost app, an alert that your e-commerce is unsold, at first seems a little pointless? did you know that if a store stays 6 hours without selling its damage is giant? and a low-cost $ 5 application can save that money? with less than 1% of sales, you can save the customer's revenue.

Low-cost apps is a beautiful trend because the sense of the big and complex thing is more and more, it makes less sense to solve small problems in a genial way and that escalate if you can do this for thousands of people.

Understand how the concept of the low-cost app any cheap code ceiling, that solves problems that is a slider, an app with the database, but solve a give exists for millions.

A company that I like very much that works this concept very well is the theme forest this for a few years, another one that does well is the staff of zappier, I think I got to pass the message low-cost apps for the future!

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