New app for VTEX IO applies the principles of Visual Merchandising in your e-commerce.

With the new development environment, the VTEX platform is entering a new phase, aiming to offer more freedom in the development and customization of a website and to integrate several channels into a single communication system.

By adhering to application technology, VTEX IO offers a sea of possibilities for a business ranging from cost savings, process automation to performance and payment systems to a business. All this offered in the VTEX App Store.

We have entered this wave of applications and developed the VMIO, an app that allows you to organize the product shelf in an uncomplicated way and also introduces a virtual store in the principles of Visual Merchandising.

But, what is Visual Merchandising?

Aiming at the customer's visual experience and creating a prone-to-purchase environment, the visual merchandising strategy allows for a comfortable, prone-to-buy environment through product placement, which can dramatically increase brand sales.

It is a strategy used in physical stores, but it is a great option to apply also in virtual stores since 80% of first impressions are created from visual stimuli.

How does VMIO help you implement this strategy?

By facilitating the organization of store products by changing Product Score, VMIO allows you to reallocate products from the shelf and expose them more attractively to the customer.

By organizing products from the shelf, you can display products from the same collection or that combine with each other, making it easier to search for similar products and visually impacting your customer. These two aspects will positively influence your customer and can encourage you to make more robust purchases.

What are the advantages of using VMIO?

  • A complement to the VTEX Score system
  • Easy to organize shelves
  • Positive impact on the consumer mind
  • Possibility of increasing the average ticket
  • Best user experience
  • Visual organized

Now you know how the VMIO app can work wonders in your e-commerce, how about installing FREE? That's right, by clicking on this link you fill out the form and you can install the FREE application and have an impressive return.

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