Website metrics: How do I measure website results?

One of the key challenges for a digital marketing manager is to present the tangible results of their strategies. To achieve this, site result metrics must be measured.

We reaffirm results metrics because companies often follow vanity metrics - those that are meaningless in terms of sales, such as commenting on blog posts, sharing site posts, and more. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to develop a consistent strategic plan that raises some specific metrics. To help you with this challenge, we've put together two:

2 result metrics for sites in your business that need tracking

Lead Traffic Conversion Rate

Your business sells to people, right? Even if it's B2B, it's people who close deals. And to achieve this closure you need to have information about them. An email, phone, or even a name so your business team can search Linkedin, for example. Only in this way will it be possible to close a sale for a visitor.

One thing is fact: You need to know who visits your site and have their information to close a sale.

There's no point in designing great digital marketing strategies to drive traffic if there's no CTA's in place that ask for the information your sales team needs to qualify a lead.

To do this, pay attention to your traffic to lead conversion rate. If it is far below expectations, develop strategies to enhance this transformation of visits into contacts. Do not ignore this question. Some good ideas that can help include:

  • inserting popups;
  • including links to landing pages in blog content;
  • hello-bar on the pages;
  • CTA's alignment with user readable content, etc.

    Lead to MQL

    Another important metric to track is the amount of MQL’s your site is generating. Think, it is very important to have a good contact list. But if none is ideal for the sale, there is no point in capturing those leads. Right?

    For example, if your company offers digital marketing services to other corporations and 100% of the leads currently captured are students and teachers - profiles who will not buy the service offered - what is the use of collecting this data?

    To improve this issue, we have listed some alternatives.

    • Work with calls in line with the audience you want to reach: for example, if you want a business owner to convert into your materials, don't just distribute content like “learn the key concepts of digital marketing”. Focus on "how to make your business sell more through digital marketing."
    • Produce content that best matches your persona's real needs: Understand if the materials produced for your site are consistent with the pains of your target audience or if you are just randomly producing articles on a subject related to your product.

    What tools can help?

    RD Station

    Resultados Digitais provides inbound marketing software that tracks the lead from the first visit on your company's website to conversion to customer. The platform is perfect for you to understand the conversion process, user life cycle, and other key issues for executing a good strategy.

    Google Analytics

    Through the Google platform you can follow the whole process of visiting a lead. This way, your company understands the users' gateway and may include specific CTA's to increase conversion, for example. In addition, the platform offers various insights to leverage your strategy.


    Slightly more robust than RD Station, the American Hubspot offers a platform with dense tracking capabilities. You can check from the link the user clicked on the first conversion to whether they are repeatedly visiting multiple pages. Imagine if your lead is repeatedly accessing the plans and pricing portion of your site and you have this information documented! Probably one more sale will be closed!

    Now that you know that your strategic plan needs to be tracking these two website result metrics for your business, how about understanding the lead experience on your site?

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