Relationship Marketing: How to win over the consumer?

Prior to the emergence of the Internet, customer relationships were established in the store's physical space, by telephone and even by correspondence. Today, we have a number of channels available that can and should be used to win over consumers and, later, to build customer loyalty.

With the possibility for companies to create an e-commerce to expand their business, the way they relate to users has gained new contours. Instead of salespeople, we now have social network analysts, chat attendants, site content producers, and more. This way, consumers are impacted in many ways on different media.

In this article, we will list some essential tips to win over consumers and, consequently, generate more sales in your online store. Keep reading and check it out!

Have a blog

There is a strand of digital marketing known as content marketing. This strategy is aimed at attracting and acquiring customers through materials such as articles, ebooks, videos, infographics, etc. - and the blog is the conducive channel for publishing such content.

After a considerable amount of publications, you begin to become a subject reference for users - as long as these materials are relevant. Then people start referring your blog to others, and its popularity grows gradually. Not to mention that this practice increases your chances of getting well positioned in search engines such as Google.

Be active on social networks

Creating a social page for the company is quite common - we are rarely faced with anyone outside these media. However, few use them correctly, but only access to publicize some offer and do not interact with their followers.

While you can win new customers through social networks, you need to be cautious about the amount of ads. You should set aside a lot of time to answer users, start conversations, monitor what they are saying about your brand, create non-commercial publications, etc. This gives you a good reputation among the public.

Implement an online chat

Especially in online stores, online chat is a tool that helps consumers a lot to ask questions and continue shopping. As we know, questions via email are not always answered quickly, and this can raise objections from users.

When implementing online chat on your e-commerce platform, you will need trained attendants. Even if this represents a larger investment, the conversion rate increases significantly. That is, it is an instrument that brings return to the company.

Conduct satisfaction surveys

Satisfaction surveys are great for discovering potential flaws and improving your services. Ideally, at the end of each purchase, you should send an email asking if everything went well and what you can do to make the experience even more enjoyable. In addition to getting valuable information, the consumer feels valued.

This practice also avoids many unnecessary wear. When consumers face a problem, many turn to social networks or complaint sites to report it. Even if you can fix it later, these comments may discourage other users.

Can you see how important it is to be present in online media to win over consumers? It is also important to have a team with distinct skills to perform these actions in the best way possible. This allows you to eliminate barriers for new customers and retain old ones.

Is that you? Have you adhered to these procedures in your online store? Tell us here in the comments!

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