More than just a job: a great team!

I was referred to work at Codeby through a friend. At the time of the interview I realized that the company was very different from the others. It was a very relaxed chat and I started the same day. After that, my life was never the same.

When I joined Codeby, I studied as I had never done in my life! I spent many sleepless nights training as I had some difficulty with the Swift language. I watched several video lessons, read many books and did a lot of research to finally start developing the application. And, as in a real team, I received great help from my colleagues, always very helpful to hear my doubts and direct me, both in the code, as in the design of the app.

Today, Codeby has become more than just a job. I forget about my problems there and have a lot of fun, even working. I met amazing people who help me in both professional and personal growth. They really became my family and I don't see myself without them around.

By Leonardo Lopes, Codeby employee.

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