Online Store Innovations: 6 Top Tools to Keep an Eye on


Daily, new trends and tools emerge in the market, especially in the virtual environment, where things change rapidly. In addition to managing the e-commerce routine, the merchant needs to keep up with all these changes, but this is not always possible.

With that in mind, our team has created a list of the top 5 online store innovations to keep an eye on. Check out:

1. Chatbots

When it comes to innovations in online stores, we can not stop talking about chatbots. Chatbots are basically robots that communicate through chat. These robots impersonate people and interact with the consumer from text or voice.

Many retailers have already joined this tool, especially in the virtual environment, where contact with the customer is still distant. Chatbots help business owners manage multiple conversations simultaneously, meeting all demands in a personalized way.

2. RFID Tags

When you go to the supermarket, you pass the product through the cashier, who scans the barcode through the optical reader. Usually, that's the way it is, isn't it? With RFID tags, this reality tends to change a lot.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a technology that has been studied for many years. It consists of short-range communication, whereby product labels can be read by sensors at a supermarket outlet, for example.

This tool eliminates the use of barcodes and aims to make the shopping experience more agile. The benefit comes to the consumer, but also to the shopkeeper, who will have much greater control over their inventory, tracking, etc.

3. Big Data

The third tool on our list of innovations in online stores is Big Data, which consists of obtaining and analyzing a large number of information that until then seemed irrelevant. It is also very similar to Business Intelligence (BI), which uses the information to benefit business objectives.

For e-commerce, this technology is very important. After all, it is possible to get information about the behavior and profile of each consumer and thus outline more efficient strategies.

4. Wearables

Wearables, or technologies to wear, promise to be one of the key trends in social innovation. According to forecasts, two out of five internet users will have access to a Wearable by 2019.

It is about incorporating internet technology into gadgets used in our daily lives. Although Wearable is still closely related to sports with smartwatches, it is estimated that it will soon spread to other areas.

5. Inbound Marketing

The sixth and last on the list of innovations in online stores is Inbound Marketing. Although it has already burst in other markets, it is still new to e-commerce, which will change in the short term.

Because it was a strategy of winning customers through content, Inbound was not seen as a strategy for online stores. However, retailers saw that they needed to win, educate and engage the public, and saw this technique as the best solution.

Now that you know a little about these innovation tools, it's time to turbocharge your e-commerce with what's new in the marketplace.

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