How to provide a better experience for your customer on this Father's Day?

Seasonal dates are always a good opportunity to sell more, whether online or offline. Consumers make more purchases, driving the economy and generating a lot of opportunity for retailers.

Over the past 6 years, Father's Day has been gaining visibility among consumers who are more likely to make purchases on this special date compared to previous years.

Although purchases still have a higher volume in the offline market, online stores are also gaining space in the opinion of consumers. According to data from last year, online revenues moved about $ 2.09 billion and this number tends to be even higher in 2019.

To make your e-commerce stand out on Father's Day, we've broken down a few simple tips for your site to offer you an unforgettable experience using plugins to help navigate your site. Check it out below!

Offer benefits in a fun way

Purchasing discounts and benefits is a way to build customer loyalty. About 64% of consumers are more motivated to shop over the internet when the brand offers some kind of benefit, be it free shipping or more attractive prices.
Thus, Game Layover is a fun option to benefit your customer through Gamification.
The Plugin is like a one-click roulette-style Layover, the customer has a chance to win one of the discounts offered and add on their next purchase.

Offer items easily

Ease is already a priority when it comes to the shopping experience. This is a necessary prerequisite to ensure that your customer is on a smooth and distraction-free shopping journey.
Giving the option to select color and size specifications right off the shelf without having to enter the product page is interesting because the customer can continue shopping without leaving the current page, greatly increasing the chance of adding more products to the cart.
The Buy on Shelf Plugin makes it easy for customers to select products and their specifications and add it to their cart without leaving the page.

Communicate with your customer

Keeping your client updated with news is essential to maintaining a lasting relationship. Making this communication while visiting your site ensures that new users feel more interested in making a purchase.
For this category, we refer to the TIB BAS (carousel), which adds a carousel-like ad bar at the bottom or top of the site, with tips, promotions, and campaigns happening on the site.
Plugin Promotion Notification is another way to keep the customer on top of news, announcements and/or promotions on every page of the store.


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