Fórum E-Commerce Brasil completes ten years with records and lectures by giants from abroad

The Fórum E-Commerce Brasil 2019 complete ten years with the increasing presence of companies and representatives from all over the world. In the 2019 edition, speakers from the United States, Mexico, Australia, Portugal and Russia are already confirmed.

More than 16,000 congressmen and 150 exhibitors are expected to attend the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo on July 16-18 - a record in the history of the event.

And Codeby could not stop participating and take a lot of news!


This year, the E-Commerce Brazil Forum will offer eight main content spaces during the three days of the event, in addition to 15 rooms with lectures and specific training given by exhibitors.

Among the international marketplaces, eBay and Wish will take the stage to share their experiences in cross-border and mobile device usage.

Giants Google and Facebook, responsible for most digital marketing in the online marketplace, will give tips to companies, especially micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, grow in the virtual environment and boost their sales through social networks.

Rakesh Shalia, FedEx's Vice President of Marketing and Communications in Latin America, will also be present in the discussion about logistics and customer experience in the last mile.

To view the complete schedule, go to the Fórum E-Commerce Brasil 2019.


In the commemorative edition of its ten years, the Forum will have four modalities of tickets, always respecting the rules of each space.

The main pass entitles you to travel through all the spaces of the event during the three days, including opening and closing shows and delivery of the E-Commerce Brazil Award.

The novelty is that, for the first time, it will also be possible to buy single tickets per day.

For micro and small businesses, there is a free admission quota subject to availability and
following the rules of the regulation.


Fórum E-Commerce Brasil 2019 – 10 anos

When: 16, 17 e 18 de julho

Where: Transamerica Expo Center - Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387

Participate with promotional value!

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