Customer day, how to leverage the date to strengthen ties

The client's day may not be a date so well known to the public, after all it was created a few years ago and is only recently becoming an interesting date for trade, proposing links and encouraging brand loyalty and consumers.

Many brands use the date to move September, which is usually a weaker period for retail. In order to make the date attractive to consumers, many of them opt for timely tribute actions and/or offer various benefits to their customers and devise testing strategies for Black Friday.

Here are some tips for using the date to celebrate your customer relationship, increase your sales, and build new customer loyalty.

Use Customer Day Actions to Engage Your Customers

Strategies executed on seasonal dates have significant effects on sales figures, so it is worth planning ahead to develop actions that will engage your audience and improve your brand visibility.

Promotional campaigns are worth it when it comes to Customer Day, after all, it is a way to offer great conditions and opportunity. Take a look at some examples of promotions that worked well in previous years and get inspired.

Points Program

Point programs are great ways to build customer loyalty, the more purchases they make, the more points they accumulate to exchange for something of interest. If your brand already has this type of program, why not link it to Customer Day promotions.

Set an X amount to be spent on the day and give the customer an extra benefit: a gift card or discounts on wishlist items. The cool thing about this type of action is that your brand brings benefits to loyal customers and increases proximity.

In 2017 Grupo Pão de Açúcar took an action using the Pão de Açúcar Mais points program, where every customer who made an e-commerce purchase over R$ 200.00 earned a R$ 20.00 voucher to spend in any store in the group.

Buy and Take Promotions

Promotions are always welcome, and being attractive to your customer is a great way to increase sales volume and increase the flow of new users.

Your brand can use “buy and carry” style promotions that basically place purchase conditions and a benefit product.

The Darksidebook, a publisher of collectible books, offered on its website a promotion where the customer earned a number of free gifts, books, and free shipping by purchasing 3 or more books. As the customer added the products to the cart, a gift category opened where the customer himself chose the book that interested him.

Promote different modes

If your brand is going into omnichannel ways, you may find it difficult to adjust your customer's habits (such as just buying through the site), after all, it is natural for humans to create habits in our routines.

One way to try to circumvent this resistance is to offer benefits for new purchases: Store Withdrawal, In-App Purchases, Social Networks, etc.

Casas Bahia for example, on Customer Day 2017 rewarded its customers with R$ 50.00 in purchases made by Fast Withdrawal mode and for products advertised on TV or selected items.

Communicate with your customer

It is customary to use seasonal dates to drive buying desire or try to reheat your brand leads. That is why a good communication campaign is necessary for the date to be a success.

Invest in email marketing to keep in touch with your customer and communicate unique events and offers. Use the tool to stimulate your customer with a favorite, recently visited or waiting in the cart products. Don't miss your chance to show that you know him.

Create social campaigns, maybe a # for the day, to increase engagement with your audience.

Prepare your site with the best

Improving the experience of your site often does not require a complete design of changes, good functionality applied to your layout greatly enhances the experience your brand provides to the customer.

There are numerous features that have objectives ranging from increasing the time spent on the site, facilitating the purchase path and personalizing the user's visit.

Since client day is a date to celebrate the relationship, here are some tips for customizing your site experience and communicating the user about the date's actions. Here's how:

Customization at time of purchase

You may have heard or read that today's consumers are not just looking for products, but for a complete set of quality, service, experience, and personalization.

Personalization coupled with your customer experience can work wonders after all, who doesn't like to feel special. Investing in features that focus on customizing the site to customer preferences is a great way to make the experience unique to each user.

Our tip is to use customizable shelves, which allows the customer to choose how many products appear per line. This type of functionality is suitable for stores that have high-quality photos or details so that the customer can better view the product without leaving the page.

More product contact

Nor is it that consumers are more attentive to what they buy today, many before making a purchase make thorough searches to know the product before actually purchasing it.

Ideally for an online store is to have as much product information on your page, the customer finding everything they need to know in one place, as well as increasing brand credibility, makes the customer feel more comfortable performing future purchases and use your brand as a synonym for Solution.

In addition to the good product description and high-quality photos, videos on the product page help to show more detailed information and give the exact idea of the proportion of the item making the customer much better informed about the product.

Report site promotions

Communicating never hurts, whether, by email, social networks or smoke signal customers like to be on top of the news, especially when it comes with exclusive conditions and benefits.

An interesting way is to use Layover that appears on the pages of the site for the customer to sign up for your newsletter, or perhaps perform another type of action.

With a 2-step Layover, your customer enters basic information and soon after can choose to enter other information and get discounts for it. It's a way to keep your base up to date while still offering user benefits by encouraging purchase.

Another way to connect with your customer is through promotion notifications. If your customer already has an account on your site, they may receive notifications or promotions per message (that famous DM on your site)

All the features mentioned here are available at our Plugins store and you can purchase these and many more by visiting this link.

These are the tips we have for you to do well on this Customer's day. Remember to be grateful to have them around and try to get better and better for them.

So, like the tips, tell us here in the comments.

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