Free shopify training course


For you who work in e-commerce and want to learn Shopify, we at Codeby have created a course to help you understand how templates and shopify work.

The course is focused on anyone who is wanting to develop the first shopify theme and does not know very well how, it is complete but does not teach about HTML, CSS, and JS the focus of its shopify!

The idea is that you can pay and earn money once you finish the course, working with theme development, store support and a tool called Hibiro, but how it all depends on you :)

Let's go through the main concepts, such as:

  • Shopify Partner account creation
  • Platform Knowledge
  • Development environment setup
  • Slate
  • Folder structure
  • Schema
  • Home
  • Search Page
  • Collection Page
  • Product Page
  • And other non-shopify base pages

Just click and get it for free.

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