Create opportunities for your Father's Day e-commerce

As a rising seasonal date, Father's Day is gaining more visibility among consumers. In 2018 alone, sales on this date were the best in the last 6 years and in the e-commerce mode, revenues of R $ 2.09 billion lagged behind Mother's Day (with R $ 2.11 billion invoiced on that date).

The forecast for 2019 is that sales on this date will be even better, as in a survey with consumers, 38% of people reported that they want to spend more this year to give their parents, and are open to doing business with new brands.

Based on some studies by Google, we've raised some tips on how to design your campaign and prepare your site for Father's Day more effectively and ensuring the real interaction between brand and consumer.

Know your audience and create effective campaigns

With society constantly evolving, campaigns that worked in previous years may not work this year (and in the next). This is because we are changing some concepts and patterns, becoming less receptive to stereotypes and more interested in representativeness than we really are.

Proof of this is that about 65% of parents rarely or never identify with the image that appears in advertisements. The least popular campaigns among this audience are those that show characteristics of perfect father, father with secondary or supporting role in raising children or very strict parents.

This is mainly linked to the changing role of man aligning with the concept of new masculinity, where there is greater gender equality and more active participation in child rearing.

In a survey by Google Survey, the public would like to see incorporated in the campaigns the notion of protagonist father, caregiver and present in everyday life. Check out the results of the survey by Google Survey, where they talk about things they would like to see pictured:

Showing these more present parenting characteristics, the benefits go beyond the relationship between brand and consumer, but also help improve aspects of society.

How are Father's Day purchases made?

With the ever-speeding routines, shopping for commemorative seasonal dates is often left to the last moments. According to Google Survey data, at least half of purchases are made the day before or the same day, with 1 in 5 consumers choosing to shop online.

It may not be a large number, but the online channel has the potential for growth on the date, offering more attractive conditions like free shipping, short lead time and attractive prices, as shown in the following chart.

In addition to leaving shopping late, one of the difficulties encountered is choosing gifts.

Most people don't know what their parents' interests are, and they end up looking for creative tips or gift ideas. Searches for topics like this grow by about 8% in Father's Day week.

This is a good chance to offer information and inspiration through content, an interesting e-commerce strategy.

Learn how to win e-shoppers and increase your sales on Father's Day

Now that you know the behavior of the audience buying on Father's Day, it's time to learn how to increase your sales and attract this audience to your e-commerce, it may seem like a challenge, but with the following tips, you're ready to go. win new e-shoppers and improve your site performance during the event.

  • Inspire consumers with product kits and compositions

With the increase in search for gift tips, an interesting way for your site to stand out on this date is to segment products into kits in themed compositions.

Use hobbies if your business works with a variety of product targets, and it's worth it for parents who enjoy cooking, technology, fashion, gardening, sports. Set up directions that make it as easy as possible to find the perfect gift.

Now if your store works with just one segment, use personality traits to compose the tips. For example, if your store works with fashion, indicate looks of varying styles that identification can be done quickly.

An interesting tool for you to choose this type of strategy is to use Shoplook, which through hotspots allows the customer to buy complete looks or items of interest, directly from the catalog with just one click.

  • Use content marketing to inform

According to Google Survey data, about 49% of consumers often search for date information on the internet, and having relevant content on their site will make all the difference.

Many people associate this strategy with blog-only content, but neat Customer Reviews, Images, Videos, and Product Descriptions help rank in Google.

In addition, the use of relevant content can boost your brand credibility in customer view.

  • Prepare your mobile version to work at full speed

Mobile shopping is a reality and is becoming increasingly popular in the market, due to the ease of shopping from anywhere using the mobile phone.

Therefore, it is important that your site follows this reality and has a mobile version up to date. The tip is to bet on responsive layout that fits any screen size, the initial investment is not so large and your store could reach a larger audience.

  • Organize your site product shelf

One little-used online strategy that makes a lot of sense is visual merchandising that creates a comfortable atmosphere that elevates the user experience.

In addition to the theme of the site, with banners, promotions, images and products to date, it is important that the shelf of your site also delivers a complete experience and maintains the atmosphere of the main page.

It sounds complicated, but it's not! You can organize the products from your product shelf by scoring each item. Doing so your customer can have access to products from the same collection, similar or complete just by browsing the shelf.

If your platform is VTEX, there is already an easy way to organize your products using the VMIO APP for VTEX IO. The cool thing is that the application is completely free (Learn more here).

  • Use plugins that elevate your customer experience

Using plugins that enhance navigation through your site is paramount if your brand values the best customer experience, because once added the plugins can create contact with the site visitor, communicate about promotions, facilitate the buying process among many other facilities.

We have separated four interesting Father's Day plugins below:

Game Layover: With a one-click roulette style Layover, the customer has the chance to win one of the discounts offered and add on their next purchase.

Shop on the Shelf: This plugin has the option of selecting color and size right on the shelf, without having to enter the product page.
The customer can buy the item of desire straight from the shelf, having its purchase facilitated by the Plugin.

Tip Bar (Carousel): Carousel type ad bar at the bottom or top with tips, promotions and campaigns going on on your site.
Messages are customized by VTEX CMS.

Promotion Notification: Keep your customer abreast of news, announcements and / or promotions on every page of your store.
The messages are registered in Master Data VTEX and displayed in the store front, with option to add links.

The good news is that they are on sale, by buying a Plugin you get 20% off on the second.

We hope that the topics covered in the article will be of great help in making an effective Father's Day campaign with interesting campaigns and a website prepared for the opportunities that this date will bring.
So which topic did you like the most? Any questions left? Tell us.

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