Get to know the projects that were part of 2018

End of the year always makes us look back and make a snapshot of what we've done, changes, growths or points to improve. We do this in our personal lives and also in our professional life after all these are the moments that differentiate each year.

Thinking of this year-end nostalgia, we decided to take a look at the projects we had the satisfaction of delivering this year of 2018 and could not be happier with the results and being part of each of our clients' teams. <3

So let's start:


This project was delivered in early November and had as its main focus the site's performance. This way, some interactions were used in the site's own HTML to enable faster loading. One of the differentials of this project are the images, which were previously loaded in SVG format directly in CSS and still included in HTML.

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Mini co.

This was undoubtedly the most stylish project we delivered in October. We use the Shopify platform to simplify and make intuitive administration of the site since it is the brand's first website.

All the design was thought to attract the customer's attention to the products and their peculiarities. With the use of Custom Fields, it was possible to register differentials in products and collections, making the page of each of the products personalized and more attractive.

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ScarfMe brings a lot of style to your pieces, full of colorful and different prints. The website delivered in early October was produced using the Shopify platform for the ease of administering and integrated the Moipby Payment API that works as the store's box with much more security for both the customer and the company.

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Body for sure

This project opened our second half of 2018 with a lot of energy. Although the site follows the standard of the other sites of the Rosset group, the brand has not stopped integrating features that enrich the time that the client stays in the site. One of them is the Product Colors that integrates on the shelf the colors and sizes available in stock.

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This project was delivered at the beginning of the second semester and had a team well prepared to carry it out. We worked with the designer chosen by the brand and introduced the features that would make the experience of the site the best possible.

In this project were used tables of color and measures in the shelf, was introducing the Shoplook that allows the client to know the price of the look just by passing the mouse in the piece.

Purchase look, a promotional timer in the first moments when entering the site, infinity scroll, were just some of the integrated features.

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Loft 747

In this project besides redesigning the website, we also created the designer, a completely intuitive interface was chosen to make it easier to buy and a clean and modern look. The customer area has been totally redesigned and some Plugins and features introduced, such as Shoplook that turns the store's lookbook into a catalog, Smart Grid functionality that allows the customer to change how many products will be displayed on a screen and also the "last 5 pieces" which warns about stock limitation.

Well cool, well, the Wishlist Plugins and Minicart were all inserted in a totally responsive site.

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This year Lego decided to bet on a Brazilian site but to maintain the identity of the American site. We elaborate the site and insert some functionalities like Responsive Banner that fits all screen sizes, Advanced Search and the Minicart Plugin that notifies about stock availability and indicates how much is missing for the customer to win the free shipping.

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Pizza Hut México e El Salvador

In the first half of 2018, Codeby received the proposal to develop the sites of the largest pizzeria network in the world. The totally new sites for Mexico and El Salvador.

The site needed a fast, responsive and performative application system. With that in mind, our team implemented some features that met those needs and still facilitated the customer's navigation.

SPA applications were introduced in VTEX, localization and internationalization, store locator, VTEX checkout totally customized, scheduling of orders (that can only be realized in the hours of operation of the store), construction of promotions.

There were also integrations in VTEX and Webservice of Pizza Hut, change and check prices according to standard table, administrative panel, calculate the arrival time of the requests and creation of API to inactivate unavailable products and services.

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Also in the first half of 2018, Iódice relied on Codeby to develop a new website. We have a layout developed by the design team of the brand and introduced features to make the site faster and more modern.

We've added Plugins for news and notifications using Master Data. We also added Wishlist and Buy Together in Vue. All this in a totally responsive site.

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In this project, we count on a previously developed design and we work on it to make the site faster, modern and intuitive. Introducing Notification Plugins and Novelties using Master Data, product colors have been integrated that show all available colors of the products directly on the shelf.

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So, how about being part of our 2019 retrospective? contact us and we will talk about the projects that you dream to become a reality.

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