Meet the new Maketplace from RecordTV

Everyone has watched some program and at some point was interested in an object in the scenario or in the product that was presented. Have you considered a marketplace that allows this interaction between programming and products?

The new RecordTV store entered the market with this intention and we had the pleasure to be part of this project. Created in 2018, the RecordTV marketplace brings together a number of store owners from various brands and segments to present consumers with a complete and differentiated purchase solution.

On the site, you can find products such as accessories, clothing, and utensils besides having access to products and services of daily life. All this offered in a safe environment and by brands that cherish the quality of their products.

Codeby was pleased to develop and deliver this project, creating applications that integrate products and programming from TV Record.

For this project was created a system that allows the registration of images of the programming of the week and places them in a system of 3 images, being programming "live", "next" and "has passed". This Dash system allows the registration of 6 images being 3 for desk and 3 for the mobile version, making the site responsive.

With CSV files and a pre-set formatting, it was possible to register the scheduling schedule for the day more easily. Updating the site whenever a new schedule comes on the air.

In addition, queryString was used that enables the integration of products that normally appear in the programming that was or are currently on the air, highlighting and facilitating the search of the client.

One of the novelties of this project was the automation of information that was done manually, with the creation of components that feed on an API, it was possible to make the site update automatic.

For this project, we use the VTEX platform that allowed us to deliver a quality experience to the customers of this new marketplace.

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