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Have thought about participating in a community where the discussions are about how your experience with a particular tool was, or what idea you had in the shower to speed up a certain process but do not know how to proceed, or articles about market behavior and management tips. Now it's possible!

Ecomfy is a community created by Codeby with the aim of creating a community without having a corporate banner. In the form of a discussion, the platform works as a powerful tool to understand the needs of customers and also give space for users to give their ideas, opinions and share experiences on the most diverse subjects.

How did it come about?

The idea arose when the Codeby team realized that on many corporate sites, considered experts in a particular subject, monopolized the content making the brand stand out more than the content itself.

Thinking about it, we decided to create a community that had relevant content but not in a way that would become law. The main purpose of the community is to generate discussion, exchange experiences, show different points of view and create healthy debates from the content created, knowing that those who are looking for content also have an opinion about and often would like to share their vision.

What do you find in the community?

At Ecomfy, you'll be able to find topic articles primarily related to e-commerce and you can participate in discussions opened by other users as well as open your own discussions.

And if you find that something is missing for that subject to be better addressed, you can also constructively say, adding value and knowledge to everyone. Or even question how other users experience with a new tool or share their own experience.

Who can use the community?

If you want to read articles, start discussions and give your opinion, Ecomfy is exactly for that. In a way that does not involve the name or reputation of a brand, but rather as a conversation between friends with common issues.

Professionals, students or people interested in discussions related to e-commerce, technology, digital marketing, and business management.

I want to participate, how do?

If you are interested and want to participate in this new experience, it is very simple, just enter this link and do your own account right on the platform, by the end you can already include discussion topics and participate in existing ones.

And you like it? Talk to us!

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