How to analyze the loading of a website?

Much is said about website loading, and it is recommended to use tools like Pagespeed or Google My Site Test. These sites actually generate reports that can help you better understand what causes a possible slowness but do not actually give you a conclusive analysis. This may lead you to think that your site is full of errors, when in reality there may be some problem generated by some partner/integration, increasing the loading time of your site.

First, let's see how things work and perform a load test on Page Speed.

It tests both desktop and mobile, providing some metrics:

• Mobile Analysis:

• Desktop Analysis:

PageSpeed will indicate what is not working well on your site:

The Take advantage of Browser Cache indicates everything that does not have a cache, then does not have reuse.

Enabling Compression highlights files need to be compressed, but people often ignore this fact.

PageSpeed will give you a lot of data that you probably will not understand very well, or that are things that are not possible to do.

Now, how about we talk about my way of analyzing page speed?

First, using the mega-master-blaster Pingdom.

I've been using this app for about 5 years and I'll explain why I like it so much.

It is simple and at the same time complete, presenting information such as load time, page size and total requests.

For desktop versions:

• Ideal load time: max 8 seconds
• Ideal size: max 5 mb

For mobile versions:

• Ideal load time: max 3 seconds
• Ideal size: max 3 mb


Pingdom is smart when reviewing the content of your site:

How to analyze site loading?

If we look at Content Type, we'll see that most of the upload is via javascript and that only 74% of the content on your site is partner/integrations. Interesting huh?

Everything you have on your site is essential? Let's look at the Request's are basically anything that loads on your site, and can take you down.

In the screen below, change Sort by to Load Time, you will be able to see which are the scripts that make your site take longer to load:

How to analyze site loading?

Based on this, you can find out if there are old things running on your site, whether you're using something that does not work, or even if your development team is installing components that compromise the load and cause your site to lose users.

I highly recommend also running a Sort by for File Size, which will indicate that there are too many files on your site that require compression:

How to analyze site loading?

It is always nice to be aware if your DNS has a quick response, as they can impact up to 1s your load.

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