Checklist: how to increase the conversion of your virtual store

Did you do what you could to make your e-commerce look attractive and know that your products are desired by the public, but sales have not yet taken off? Can not you encourage your visitors to get in touch with your business? What you need is to increase the conversion of your online store!

In many cases, they are just a few details that can make a difference, reducing the flaws that make the visitor escape, making the site more profitable. Ready to find out how to increase the conversion of your online store? So go ahead!

Have a responsive website

A responsive site is one that has the ability to adapt to any screen. That is, the visitor can access it from the computer, smartphone, smartTV and even the multimedia center of a car.

The trend is that more and more people will use their smartphone to access the internet. In addition, the technological future points to the Internet of Things, that is, the most diverse electronic devices can access the web. Knowing this, Google and other search engines prioritize in their organic searches responsive sites, for allowing the correct access in any of these devices.

Therefore, it is essential that your online store adopts this feature. This is important both to provide nice navigation for those who access the most diverse devices to be well ranked in Google organic searches, the main source of traffic for most sites.

To do this, check with the developer and the company that makes the platform available if your site is responsive. Also, it's worth taking the test and seeing what it looks like on other screens. This test can be done with the Google Search Console tool.

Ensure platform stability and speed

Notice your behavior when browsing the Internet. When you enter a website, there may be the information and products you are looking for. However, if the upload is slow or unstable and has errors, you will hardly continue on that page, will you? Your visitor behaves in the same way.

In order for people who access your e-commerce to have the confidence to inform you of their personal and payment information, the site can not give the slightest margin for fear. The impression that a site passes by being slow and presenting errors is amateurish and nobody wants to be an amateur customer.

Therefore, to increase the conversion of your virtual store is essential that you have as a habit to monitor its operation. It can be laborious, but rest assured that the results will be worth the effort.

Value your products

When buying on the Internet, the consumer has no way to touch or try the product. Therefore, it is not enough to copy the manufacturer's specifications to describe them. You should enhance the text, valuing the attributes and benefits of the goods.

Try to put in the description everything that could be the object of doubts for the client. This prevents you from giving up on the purchase because you are not sure which item is exactly what you were looking for.

In addition, investing in good photos of goods is crucial. Try to show the product in the smallest details and use photographic techniques that value it, such as the appropriate background and light. However, be careful that the images do not get too heavy and this will make the loading slow. Seek balance.

Simplify the checkout process at checkout

For both the buyer and the entrepreneur, the tensest moment in online trading is a payment. For the client, it is when it will stop being anonymous and will inform diverse personal data and payment.

Already for the businessman, it is the time that will be the conversion of all your efforts in billing. So, pay close attention to the payment process of your e-commerce.

In order for you to increase the conversion of your online store, it is necessary to let the customer focus on making the payment. Simplify the process as much as possible. Avoid soliciting unnecessary information, which can cause distrust or laziness in the client. Also, do not put anything on the checkout page that might distract the user, such as promotion banners, for example.

Speaking of checkout, it's important to know what the preferred payment methods are for your audience and make sure you make them available. Also, monitor the cart abandonment rate because this metric may give clues about the efficiency of your checkout.

Another tip: Be sure to send emails to customers who have left the cart to encourage them to finalize the purchase and also to understand the reasons that led them not to do business.

Invest in site security

To avoid security problems on your site, which can end up in damages and tarnishing the image of your company, be sure that your online store is safe. To do this, look for certification companies and use data encryption capabilities in payments. If you use an intermediate, check to see if they use these solutions.

Being jealous of the security issue will prevent headaches and still leave the customer safer to make purchases.

It is also necessary that the visitors of your virtual store are aware of the care that the company takes. So, try to include the seals and certifications won on every page of e-commerce.

Make sure your site is always available

Have you ever imagined losing sales simply because your site was not available? This is unacceptable, but unfortunately, it happens frequently.

So to increase the conversion of your online store it is important to know if the hosting service is presenting problems and acting fast. If this happens constantly, you should seriously consider hiring another server for your e-commerce.

Hiring a company to track the availability of your site and send alerts if flaws arise is an interesting option. That way, you will be aware of the failure and can solve it quickly without losing sales.

By following these steps, you'll be able to increase the conversion of your virtual store and, consequently, the billing. What did you think of these tips? Still, have some questions? Then leave your comment and share your opinion with us and with the other readers!

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