Check out the top names that rise to the stages of the "Forum E-Commerce Brazil 2019"

The ten-year edition of the Fórum E-Commerce Brasil will bring professionals from the world's leading e-commerce companies to the stage of eight content spaces.
Xavier Aguirre, Business Development Manager at eBay for Latin America, will explain how shopkeepers can internationalize their stores. In his opinion, Brazil is a country that offers many opportunities for cross-border and already has the technology to explore this area.
Daniel Mazini, Amazon's Retail director, will tell shopkeepers how the e-commerce giant, a company with 600,000 employees, takes Jeff Bezos' famous phrase seriously: "It's always Day 1." In his talk, he will address obsession with the customer, the fundamental pillar of Amazon.
Another marketplace to be present is Wish, which recently expanded its operation in Brazil. Adam Hundt, product manager of the American brand, will show how a journey of shopping starts from a product and what the behavior of the consumer of Brazil when searching for an item.

Social networks and media

In addition to retailers, the 2019 E-Commerce Forum will also have the participation of the most important social media and online media players.
Directly from Google in New York, Nick Brady, a performance specialist at the search giant, will share how the company is focusing its retail efforts - and what are the practical consequences for the shopkeeper: smart shopping, local campaigns, discovery campaigns, DSA , gallery ads.
Silvia Ramazotti, Facebook's Product Marketing Manager, will explain how the market can take advantage of Instagram Shopping toads in Feed and Stories, taking advantage of people's passions and inspiring their users to act.
Check out the complete schedule on the website of the E-Commerce Brazil Forum.

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