The trends of online shopping behavior

Nuvem Shop, an e-commerce platform with more than 18,000 online stores, conducted a survey based on the behavior of more than 1 million consumers, where customers of the platform stores performed more than 120 million visits in these stores virtual communities. Check below some of the conclusions obtained.

According to Google, it is perceived the aggressive growth of the use of mobile devices in recent years, in various parts of the world, as you can see in the table below:

País 2013 2017
Argentina 31% 73%
Brasil 26% 67%
China 47% 83%
Coréia do Sul 73% 92%
Estados Unidos 56% 78%

Based on this trend, it is possible to understand that consumer habits are changing and this is reflected directly in the e-commerces. In the Cloud Shop, for example, there are no more stores that sell exclusively via the desktop.

In the year 2015, it was observed that 50% of the visits in stores of Cloud Shop were realized via mobile and 50% via desktop. In 2016, mobile accesses surpassed desktop accesses, reaching the 58% mark. In 2017, the jump was even more surprising, showing that visits via tablet and smartphones reached 69%, leaving the device fixed behind.

It does not stop there. This trend could also be seen through sales: in 2016, 30% of purchases were made via mobile and in 2017 this number rose to 45%, growing 50% in just one year!

The change in user behavior was also reflected in the average ticket value, which in 2017, purchases made via mobile was R $ 200.19, while the average of purchases made on the desktop reached R $ 258.77.

One reason the average ticket is smaller via mobile devices is that the consumer still prefers to make large purchases on the desktop, which brings greater reliability by allowing a better analysis of product photos and being able to check the order details on a larger screen before to complete the transaction. However, with the advancement of technology, increasingly sophisticated mobile devices are coming to market and this reality tends to change.

So if you have an online business, it is imperative that your store is optimized for mobile devices. Such action can boost your sales and leverage your business, and we can help you! Know how.

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