We present the new site of Rubinella - CODEBY PROJECT

For over 50 years on the market, Rubinella is a famous brand that produces contemporary tailoring for women.

Thinking about the development of a new site, Codeby was the company chosen to work on this project.

With the installation of new features and plugins, the site has become faster, more modern and intuitive. The layout, developed by Rubinella's design team, is quite clean, modern and sophisticated.

Know some of the news developed in the site:

• Notification plugin, using Master Data;
• Plugin to let your client ahead of the news, using Master Data;
• Wishlist using Master Data;
• Show all product photos and available colors, directly on the shelf;
• Buy Together in Vue;
• Fully responsive site.

You can check the complete work at www.rubinella.com.br and see other work done by Codeby at mwww.codeby.com.br.

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