Learn how to boost your e-commerce with facebook!

Facebook is still the social network that dominates the market. Today, 1.09 billion people connect daily. Its scope grows every year, attracting more and more people and companies.

In recent years, the number of stores that use the social network to boost results has increased considerably.

Whether it is a physical store or e-commerce, entrepreneurs are betting on Facebook's reach to gain authority and visibility in the market, as well as being an excellent tool for promoting products and promotions.

Are you an entrepreneur in this market? Are you interested in the subject? So read our article and learn how to boost your e-commerce with Facebook!

Invest in quality posts

One of the most important points in using Facebook posts is directly related to the quality of the content. You need to nurture and inform your audience with interesting and relevant posts.

At this point it is better to privilege the quality than the number of posts, even taking into account that the frequency of posting is important for this social network.

In the case of e-commerce, it may be interesting to tell how the production process of the items for sale and the history of certain objects is. This way, it will be easier to become visible and loyal to some users, as they will know that your articles are interesting and worth reading. Think about it.

Choose the right times for the post

A key point to be able to boost results using Facebook is to choose the right time to complete the posts. Unfortunately, there is no timetable, as it all depends on your industry and your audience.

However, there is some information that can help with the best times for posts. Look:

  • the worst times to post are the weekends, especially before 08:00 and after 20:00;
  • the time between 13:00 and 16:00 shows the best click rates on weekdays;
  • the best time to post is Wednesday, around 3:00 p.m.;
  • on Fridays there is a 10% peak in access;

Obviously, the best times will be related to your strategy and your target audience, but you need to find them so you can achieve better results. Think about it!

Use appropriate images

The Facebook timeline favors visual content. Therefore, consider using images in your strategy is one of the recipes for success.

However, Facebook has some of the most common sizes and formats, making posting look more natural and organic. So, put the cover photo, the profile image, and the images to be highlighted and shared in the suggested size.

Invest in videos

Another tip that can be of great value to boost results on Facebook is the use of videos. In recent years, there has been a growth in daily video viewing.

One can even say that Facebook algorithms tend to prioritize them. You've probably already noticed that the videos are automatically displayed in the feed. The only interference from the user is audio, which requires a click to be triggered.

This type of practice is performed to draw the attention of users and make them watch the videos published in the feed. So investing in videos can be an interesting way to make people stay longer on your page, making your online store more ranked on Facebook.

Using Facebook to drive results can be an extremely valid alternative to your e-commerce. However, it is necessary to prepare for the postings, seeking to be as effective as possible.

So, did you like our article? What do you think of the tips we provide to boost your e-commerce with Facebook? Were they valid? Are you interested in other subjects like this? So, short our Facebook page and see all our updates. 

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