Some features to boost your website on Cyber Monday

Little is heard of Cyber Monday, the official day of discounts and promotions in online stores. Although not very well known here in Brazil, in the United States the event generates an increase of about 70% in sales volume.

The date has become a tradition as well as Black Friday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Although it seems confusing, over there these two events are divided by the type of trade. While on Black Friday, the physical stores are featured, on Cyber Monday the day is unique to online stores.

The event was introduced here in Brazil in 2012, but it did not gain as much force as in our North American neighbor. Despite this, major brands have adhered to the proposal and offer discounts of up to 80% on products. In the beginning, the discounts took the sector of electronics and smartphone, but with the passage of time segments like fashion, accessories and varied products entered the wave.

The benefits of attending Cyber Monday, mirror those that Black Friday offers but less competition. So you can expect that participation in the event will ensure more visits on your site, an increase in the sales ticket of your business, as it is a good opportunity to highlight your brand in the market.

However, we know that an unattractive site for the client will not help anything in the event, because it will be just another one in a sea of possibilities. So in this post, we'll show you some features that will make a difference and improve your performance not only during the event.

Custom Field

This plugin is available for the Shopify platform and allows for greater customization on product pages. It is possible to register differentials in the products or collection as the individual color register for the customized page.

Login in Page

This plugin is available for the Shopify platform and allows for greater customization on product pages. It is possible to register differentials in the products or collection as the individual color register for the customized page.

Réguas de Frete

This feature shows the customer the missing value for him to receive a free shipping service. The Plugin is visible on the product page, quick cart and cart.

The Shipping Rule instigates the customer to make impulse purchases in order to achieve the benefit.

Smart Research

With this plugin, you can filter the products displayed, without you leaving the page or open another window.

This type of functionality reduces the time spent looking for products that interest the customer and giving him the opportunity to navigate through the segments that interest him, thus increasing the chances of selling.

Layover 2 Steps

Layover two steps, the first to register in the newsletter and the second with more information and discounts.

This Layover can be used at different times, but the most times are when the customer enters the site or is about to leave, offering the chance to stay on the site and offering an incentive to buy in your store.

Buy in page

This plugin allows the user to make the purchase without leaving the page of the window. In a few clicks, the customer can choose colors and size and add the purchase to the cart without updating the page or entering a new one.

Agility is important when it comes to online sales, as research indicates that 70% of users quit shopping at this stage. The simpler and more intuitive your purchasing process, the more users will be able to complete the purchase.

Quick Cart

Fast Cart when you click on the bag. This feature allows the customer to view the cart on any page of the site without having to update or be directed to the end of the purchase page.

This type of functionality increases the chances of the customer spending more time browsing the site or making purchases that positively add the products that are already in the cart.

Product Colors

It displays in the window all the colors and prints of each product. This functionality helps in choosing the ideal product, giving you options to choose from in the showcase, without having to be directed to another page and also reducing the checkout steps.

Últimos 5 Produtos

This feature tells the customer when there are only 5 products (or less) available in stock.

This type of warning triggers the trigger of urgency increasing the chances of impulse purchases and avoiding the procrastination of the purchase if the interest is avid.

Checkout Personalizado

You can see that Checkout is an important step because of the more uncomplicated, the better your sales performance. And a feature that provides savings on customer time is this. The plugin provides custom e-commerce checkout, based on information obtained from previous purchases, so the customer does not have to fill in his data with each purchase and saves time (which we know is precious).


Wishlist is an interactive and fun way to get to know your customer and still do actions with the interests he shared with you through Wishlist. The plugin allows the customer to add products of interest to a list, where you can find these products saved on the site every time you are logged in.

Most virtual companies use this list to instigate customer interest, with emergency triggers or temporary discount opportunities. In addition to being a customer facility, this feature also helps with company promotional campaigns.

Zoom Página de Produto Personalizado

There are customers who are in no hurry to buy, and those are the discerning ones, who like to know what they are buying and seek information on provenance and quality. And when it comes to quality, there's nothing better than seeing all the details.

This plugin works directly on the product page, displaying a zoomed image of it.

Frente e Costas

This plugin allows the user to view the product both front and back, just passing the mouse over it in the window. This feature is interesting to the customer as they can see a lot more of the product with fewer clicks.

Smart Grid

When your company gives the customer the opportunity to feel more at ease visually on the site, the browsing time increases and the chances of the visit turn into the sale as well.

Smart Grid enables the user to change how many products are displayed per line in the showcase, quickly and practically. It records your last display choice and maintains user preference across the site. The plugin allows you to display between 1 to 5 products per line, but it is advisable to display 2 to 3.

These are just some of the features that exist in the market, and if you want to include them in your business we of Codeby are willing to help you. Contact us or visit our website and see how each of these features works.

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