After all, how does internet buying behavior work?

Currently, buying behavior on the internet is very specific. It needs to be understood so that actions are directed in the right way. To get an idea, among smartphone users, 96% search online before buying at a physical store. But don't hit the ball! If you generate a bad mobile experience, 40% of people will not return to the online store.

Additionally, there are several factors of action. If there are reviews from other buyers, the public is 63% more comfortable closing deals. However, if opinions are negative, 80% will back down on their decision.

Only by getting to know the public in-depth can you deliver exactly what people expect. So here are some tips for understanding how buying behavior works on the Internet.

Do market research

When you want to know something about someone, the most practical way to do it is through questions, right? To understand buying behavior on the internet is not much different.

Through market research, you can directly ask customers what they expect or want. With consistent questionnaires, you can understand what your brand perception is like, how the decision-making process takes place and what are the predominant factors.

For this feature to work, it is critical to plan the questions very well. Escape the questions that only have “yes” or “no” as answers. Try to deepen qualitatively to get a broader view.

Ask yourself about audience profile

Responses from market research are helpful, but you have to go further to understand the customer in an optimal way. So get ready to delve deep into the mind and decisions your consumer makes.

The best way to do this is by asking the right questions. This is the perfect time to question points such as:

  • what information your customer looks for on the internet prior to purchase;
  • who or what influences his decisions;
  • how he looks for and buys a product;
  • what products and services he seeks and buys;
  • how often he makes purchases;
  • what are your pains, doubts or motivations for making a purchase;
  • what are the real needs of the customer?

The intention is to have a complete view of what makes the consumer decide that the time has finally come to make the purchase. Data can help, but your experience with the public counts as well.

Take A / B tests

Selling over the internet has a great advantage that - almost - everything is measurable. With this, any modification will already have an impact. To make it even better, how about making controlled changes yourself?

This is basically the premise of an A / B test. In it, you will keep the conditions and change only one variable. This may be the case by changing the font color of the product page, changing the position of the sell button or even increasing the photo size.

By reviewing one change at a time, you will know what has an impact on the market, so it is simple to discover new points about buying behavior on the Internet.

Perform good metric analysis
Metrics are critical to any performance, especially online. By measuring results, you can get a pretty complete picture of your target audience.

Some relevant reviews include:

  • landing page for the site;
  • time spent by customer visit;
  • products viewed;
  • cart abandonment rate;
  • exit page and so on.

With good plugins in your address, you just can't map your customer's thinking - but you can get pretty close! If all of this is associated with the use of a CRM or Business Intelligence (BI) system, it will be even easier to find important behavioral patterns and characteristics.

By doing so, you will have a greater understanding of buying behavior on the internet. From there, just use the information for your business and reap the results.

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