Abandonment of cart: the top 5 causes in e-commerce

Owners and managers of e-commerce need to constantly analyze various data to improve their results, and one of the biggest problems usually identified is the abandonment of the cart. When the rate is too high, it is impossible not to be frustrated. After all, what is the main reason for the consumer to give up buying in the middle of the road?

In fact, there is one main factor, it may be a simple detail that makes all the difference or the combination of them. So we decided to bring together in this article the main causes of cart abandonment in e-commerces and how you can get around them. Keep reading and check it out!

1. Long registrations

Requesting too much personal data is a bad idea if you want the consumer to go ahead and not abandon the cart. Having detailed information from users may even be good for you to submit personalized offers, but it's no use hitting this button if your conversion rate is low.

So ask only what is really needed at first. You will not give a good impression to the users doing a huge questioning, quite the contrary.

2. Expensive freights

Another factor that scares many consumers during the buying process is the value of freight. One of the biggest attractions of electronic commerce is precisely the price of products. So, if before finalizing the request, the user realizes that the value is much higher than expected, he does not think twice before closing the window and look for alternatives.

Therefore, it is fundamental to choose a carrier well and verify if it is not feasible to use the Post Office to lower the freight price. Also, consider the option to offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. This may encourage consumers to buy more than one product.

3. A website with poor usability

You probably already logged into a website to perform an action, but found it all very confusing and ended up closing the page. This may be happening to your prospects and you have not even noticed.

The user's experience at the time of purchase is critical for him to leave satisfied and become a loyal customer. For this, a good idea is to use a heat map tool and check the areas of the site that receive the most attention. This way, you can position the main elements - like the button to end the purchase - in the appropriate place.

4. Few service channels

It is not just the physical establishments that must worry about the quality of care. Consumers want to have their questions answered right away, without having to wait for the response via email or make a call.

One tip is to implement an online chat on your website. In this way, the user can be served on the same page where he is making the purchase. If your e-commerce has a big flow and/or you want to save money with attendants, it is worth betting on a chatbot.

5. Lack of a marketing strategy

Not always the fault of the abandonment of the cart is related to the e-commerce platform. Sometimes the user is not yet ready to finalize the purchase and needs to go through a few steps - this is what we call the "consumer journey".

Therefore, it is important that you take some action to encourage users to become customers, such as displaying testimonials from satisfied buyers and doing remarketing. The latter strategy is to show ads of your product to the consumer who did not complete the purchase. That way, you will not be forgotten when the right time comes.

To find out what is the main reason for the high cart abandonment rate in your e-commerce, it is essential to constantly monitor the actions of users. Therefore, use as many tools as you need for this analysis. It may be that the solution is simpler than you think.

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