6 Tips for Building an Effective Institutional Website

In times of ubiquitous internet and superconnected customers, it is evident the importance of maintaining an institutional website for virtually every business. Still, many entrepreneurs and managers overlook this very relevant item.

But you certainly don't want to be one of them, do you? A website is an important communication channel and strongly contributes to a company's digital presence. Only it is not enough to be there, it is necessary to “make beautiful”.

Want to know how? So check out these 6 tips for creating a really efficient institutional website!

1. Make it clear everything your company does

Anyone who visits the site, even if they know absolutely nothing about the company, needs to come out of it with a clear idea of ​​everything the company does. Many people no longer want to waste time calling or going to a company to find out whether or not it offers the desired service.

The site is the shortcut to this and, if the user is in doubt, it is possible that he or she discards your business. Therefore, be sure to present all the products and services offered in a clear manner, allowing the information to be found easily.

2. Invest in digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is a favorite of many professionals in the field and certainly has not gained this fame for no reason. Invest in this strategy to attract leads, maintain social media profiles, and especially use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to build your pages.

3. Have a blog and invest in content marketing

You can't talk about digital marketing without mentioning the weight of content marketing. Producing posts, ebooks, and other materials for a corporate blog is pretty much mandatory these days.

Do research on your audience and develop the customer profile of your company. Produce targeted content for them and apply SEO techniques to your blog as well.

4. Think about experience and usability

When designing any page, we must not forget that they need to be easy to use and should make the user's life easier rather than complicated. Take into account aspects such as:

  • use of colors, fonts and sizes for readability;
  • contact forms that are easy to find and complete;
  • lightweight images to not delay site loading;
  • lightweight, simple layout with no excess animation;
  • all links should work, ie no broken links.

5. Create a responsive and mobile-friendly website.

Mobile access is already huge and tends to grow even more. Therefore, it is critical that your pages are mobile-friendly and responsive, that is, that the content adapts to the size of the screen being used.

Doing so ensures that anyone with any type of device will have access to your content and will be able to see your business.

6. Have a professionally designed corporate website

Finally, we can only say that a truly efficient site is made by none other than professional, experienced and capable developers.

When designing your institutional website, be sure to rely on the advice of partner companies that truly understand the issue and are willing to work side by side with your business.

Want to know more about it? So get in touch with us right now and start developing your site now!

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