5 Reasons to Invest in a Responsive Website

Provide the user with the best possible experience: we know that this is the goal of everyone who wants to have your company among the top in the list of consumer preferences.

While in offline marketing the user experience is defined by factors such as service, structure and product availability in the digital environment, some elements can help to enhance the sense of user satisfaction, as with the responsive website.

Follow this article to understand why investing in a responsive layout is increasingly important for anyone looking for digital presence and conversions in sales.

1. The world is mobile

According to a report released last year, 46% of the world's population uses some mobile device to access the Internet.

This proves that almost half of the world is not necessarily connected to a computer when it takes action on the Internet, from the use of social networks to the acquisition of products.

2. High ranking with a responsive site

Being responsive is one of the criteria taken into account by Google when creating your search ranking.

In addition, if the search originates from a mobile device, the engine prioritizes results that are friendly to the platform being used in the search.

Because the responsive site is designed to adapt to all platforms without losing its functionality, it passes in front of conventional portals and even mobile alternatives (parallel versions of the desktop site designed specifically for mobile phones or other mobile devices).

3. Improved user experience and performance

Getting a satisfying experience during the journey of purchase is one of the priorities of the user - and the companies that do good digital marketing.

Just as in the offline world, where an unpleasant experience results in the exclusion of the business from the user's shopping list on the Internet, loading headaches, platform usability, and button functionality also influence decision purchase.

Data show that if a site takes time to load or has performance problems, 29% of users immediately change their address without giving the portal a chance to load or that services are accessed in the alternative.

4. Be prepared for the future

The great differential of responsive design is to adapt to the screens and not the devices themselves.

This means that the investment made to leave your site layout or landing page suitable for this type of experience will allow it to adapt to any other electronic equipment that comes on the market without loss in the usability and functionality of the buttons.

5. Get out in front of the competition

Although responsive design is gaining increasing importance, moving towards becoming indispensable, some segments marked by traditionalism and the good old "I do not see why investing in marketing" still resist this important milestone in digital transformation.

So do not miss the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Bet the responsive website as another tool to bring you and your customer closer and further strengthen your digital marketing!

Investing in a responsive site can leverage your positioning and convert a lot more leads into buyers. Want to take this step and put your company among the smartest in the digital world? Then contact us. Sure, we can help you!


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