5 tips to improve usability, navigation, and conversion rate

It is common to come across companies that invest heavily in sponsored ads in order to increase their sales or generate leads but forget to invest in the site itself. When the usability of the website is precarious, this is reflected in the conversion rate. After all, it does not make much sense to have a site with lots of hits, but with a structure that drives visitors away as soon as they arrive.

Delivering good user experience is the key to improving your bottom line. Therefore, you should make life as easy as possible through an intuitive and eye-pleasing website. Even if the person is accessing for the first time, they need to navigate without any difficulty.

Want to check the top usability tips for you to increase your conversion rate? Keep reading!

1. Keep an eye on the browsing time on your pages

There are several points that need to be analyzed on your site through the Google Analytics tool, and navigation time is one of the most important. With this data in hand, you can quickly find out if you need to sort out some details or reshape the entire site.

If you notice that the visitors are closing the window right away, it's because something is very wrong. So do not be afraid to start all over again - but this time you will have to plan better.

2. Organize the elements of your page in a logical way

Since you have decided to redo the site, look for a good web designer to organize the elements in a harmonic way. Especially if you sell several products, it is fundamental to create categories, highlight the main buttons (such as sales), avoid visual pollution, and other good practices.

Of course, there is no magic formula, just a few techniques that decrease the chances of error. Therefore, even after the project is finished, you must constantly monitor the results and apply some tests.

3. Take usability tests

Now that you've set up your layout, it's time to put it to the test. The usability test consists of observation. To do this, you should invite people who have never accessed the site and ask them to perform some tasks. In this way, you can check the difficulties they face and thus make the adjustments.

Remember not to interfere with the process so as not to compromise the test result.

4. Use a heat map tool

Heat map tools, such as Hotjar, are useful for you to find out which areas of your site receive the most attention. Let's assume you entered your sales button below the product description, but the tool showed that the upper right corner is a warmer area. In that case, you will change the position button so that it is easily found.

5. Never ignore the feedbacks

t is common to receive complaints from users who were not able to register, were directed to the wrong page or said that the site loading was slow. This information is precious and serves you to discover mistakes that have gone smoothly. So pay close attention to feedback and act to mend these mishaps.

The conversion rate is one of the most relevant indicators for any company. So, do not just focus on getting traffic to your pages, you have to leave them optimized for users to perform the desired action.

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