4 tips to increase conversion in your e-commerce

The search for new clients is a great challenge for entrepreneurs. Knowing how to increase conversion in e-commerce is, then, a great opportunity. With the advancement of technology, people's behavior has changed drastically, especially in how they relate to others.

In the business context, the internet has become a great tool to have greater proximity to the public. This means that it is an opportunity to, in addition to bringing value to customers, improve sales results in a virtual store.

And how can you take advantage of this innovation in online sales? Here are four tips to follow!

1. Get to know your audience

When we are excited about a new business, especially when we have no experience in the subject, comes the rush to make sales to anyone. The problem occurs precisely when you do not have a well-defined customer.

For this reason, it is necessary to know the audience very well. Otherwise, there is the risk of attracting people who have no interest in branded products, which hinders the development of really effective strategies.

One way to solve this is to study the key characteristics of potential customers. Worth knowing:

  • his hobbies;
  • their activities;
  • their behaviors;
  • its main problems.

When these characteristics are known, it is easier to define the ideal type of customer. One must then think about the best way to attract this audience. Defining a niche allows you to improve the conversion in the virtual store.

2. Monitor site performance

It is necessary to monitor beyond the operation, the appearance of e-commerce. According to surveys, 85% of consumers leave the site because of poor design. While creating an online business seems easy, in practice, it is much more complex.

The entrepreneur must be aware from the choice of colors to the way the items will be available to customers. Otherwise, users may get the impression that they are falling in a scam, which will lead you to give up the purchase.

To solve the problem, try to use colors that match each other. The combination of cool tones, such as blue, for example, can bring a clean look, while warm tones (such as red) can be used for buttons that draw a little more attention - but without exaggeration.

3. Recover Abandoned Carts

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of just thinking about attracting new customers to the page. The problem occurs when the person in charge does not give the necessary support to attend the people who have already visited the site. Lack of commitment may lead to the abandonment of purchases by consumers.

To solve this, you need to understand what motivates the customer to make that decision. The objections can vary: the cost of freight, the need to fill out extensive forms or even mistrust the site.

It is worth checking if there is any option to improve the cost of freight (for example, how the company pays for part of it), make forms that request only basic information to make delivery and maintain contact and use safety certificates to give more credibility to the site.

4. Show evaluation of other buyers

A common behavior among customers is the pursuit of information about the product of their interest. Evaluations about a particular object, purchased by other customers, can encourage the consumer to make the purchase.

The number of positive evaluations, especially testimonials regarding a certain item, can take the client's last objections to close the purchase.

The use of technology allows for a closer relationship with the consumer, but the task is not easy. To be successful, it is essential to be aware of the details to know which ideal audience should be sought and to understand for what reasons someone has given up buying.

So what do you think of this post on how to increase conversion in e-commerce? Already knew the theme? Give your opinion!


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