Codeby Project: Shoulder website

Beautiful and sophisticated, know the new website of Shoulder

This year we had amazing projects delivered and customers happy with the results on their sites. We could not stop announcing the new website of Shoulder, delivered this month to enter the new year with a new face and with much more quality in the user experience.

Since 1980, Shoulder has been bringing Brazilian women's clothing with sophistication, elegance, versatility, and comfort. Each collection is made with care so your customers always find that piece to call your own. And this is not difficult since the brand has pieces that form looks for the most varied moments of the day to day.

Shoulder makes it clear that the customer is a priority, so it has some facilities to make the shopping experience even more practical as the Omnichannel option, which is integrated with the site to ensure that physical and virtual stores are in tune to serve the customer. In addition, the site allows access to the evaluations of other customers to assist in the final choice.

We have been present in the Shoulder team since 2016, and this year, to close 2018 with a golden key we delivered the new virtual space of the brand that had as main focus performance. The main points were:

  • Each page of the site (Home, Search, Product, Account etc ..) has its own JavaScript file to limit unnecessary calls of files in pages that will not be used at that moment of navigation.
  • Each of these pages loads JavaScript dynamically as well as loads the corresponding functions for each page accessed.
  • API calls are made only when needed.
  • The images attached to the product page were preloaded to be cached.
  • No images were used on the site, but SVG forms directly in CSS or included in HTML.
  • Totally responsive site
  • The menu that fits the screen size
  • The "buy together" functionality made in VUE JS was inserted using the VTEX Crossing API.
  • The whole site was thought to have one of the best possible performances, so the code was all minified, containing few interactions in HTML with JavaScript.
And let's not forget the excellent work of the designer who has taken care to make a responsive layout very well thought out that adapts easily on screens and devices, in addition to simplifying the development of the mobile version.

See how it was the complete project accessing 

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