Codeby Project: Scarfe Me website

Young entrepreneurs of Scarf Me bet on new website.

Scarves, scarves, and pashminas, were never so modern before Scarf Me entered the market. The brand brings personality and modernity in its prints that win more and more women for São Paulo and bet on irreverent mini boutiques to reach its audience.

Scarf Me was born after the initiative of the brothers Daniel and Rodrigo Rosset that since very young people already lived in this environment thanks to the family business, and this allowed them to acquire knowledge about the most varied types of fabrics and prints that was essential for the success of the brand. The brand develops pieces with the highest technology, each piece tells a carefully planned history for collections that are renewed monthly to maintain the variety and exclusivity of the pieces.

To accompany this modernity that the brand brings as essence, the site of the store also went through adjustments and got the face it deserves, opting for a cleaner design and highlighting each color and pattern present in the pieces of Scarf Me.

Codeby played an important role in this new phase of the site, we used the Shopify platform and could not be happier with the result.

For this project, we use Shopify for the various facilities it provides to the site administrator. In addition to being a simple and intuitive platform, it is possible to customize your space with a wide variety of themes available and also take advantage of the many features that the platform has for the user.

Also introduced was the Moipby API for payments. For those who do not know, MoipBy is a payment intermediary, as if it were the "box" of a virtual store. With it, it is possible to make the entire payment process of your customer, collecting bank details and communicating the acquirers so that the purchase is carried out with great security.

MoipBy is a solution that offers the best technology, promotes an optimal conversion rate for the business, ensures ease with its integrated system and still has a lot of security both for the company and for the customer as well.

Did you like the project? Access the site and see how it was:

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