Codeby Project: Lego Brasil website

New Lego site: Only the best is good enough

Adult or child, you must have played with Lego toys or play (why not?). Lego has nothing more than 86 years of history, being present in the childhood of many children with toys that reaches practically all the age group.

And it's not just about kidding, Lego currently partners with educators around the world, offering playful solutions that help students achieve success.

After expanding its philosophy "Only the best is good enough" and winning the Brazilian market the next step would be a space in this vast internet that maintains the identity of Lego itself.

Thinking about it Lego Brasil chose a layout inspired by the American site and Codeby was chosen to be bringing more this experience. The functionalities used were:

  • Responsive banner
  • Advanced search
  • Minicart plugin (built in VueJS with stock availability notification and free shipping bar that indicates how much is missing for the customer to win free shipping)

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